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Get help from Thomas Grimaldi, a Retired Police Chief and graduate of the FBI National Academy on preparing for your promotional exams.

Thomas Grimaldi
Police Chief (Ret.)
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Thomas Grimaldi

I am a 33-year law enforcement veteran, having held every rank including chief of police in two different police agencies. I am an FBI National Academy graduate and a current college-level criminal justice instructor.

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Working exclusively with you towards one single goal: passing your promotional exams.

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In many cases, you have no idea what you will be asked
and more importantly, you don’t know what the raters are looking for. What sounds like a perfectly good answer or a reasonable assessment center behavior to you may be way off the mark. Imagine putting in tremendous time and effort only to find out that your answers and/or delivery were falling short of rater expectations. A missed promotion opportunity can hurt you for the rest of your career.

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