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Four Star Consulting, LLC uses the Oral Boards Made Easy™ method to help you achieve your professional goals. Done entirely from the comfort of your own home, this method will provide you with a road map for a complete response to deliver to your oral panel or assessment center. Specifically, it provides easy-to-remember steps for oral boards and assessment center exercises such as counseling a poor-performing employee, resolving conflicts, planning, and organizing written exercises, and handling situations or critical incidents, to name a few.

It is well tested over time and has helped numerous police professionals achieve their promotional goals. We offer customized programs as well.

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Basic Oral Board Coaching

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Advanced Oral Board Coaching

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Complete Oral Board Coaching

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If the above coaching packages do not best suit your promotion preparation needs, call Four Star Consulting at 386-603-4280 and get a quote on the session content and agreement time frame that is best for you.
A 3-session, 45-day package is $1000 and a 5-session, 75-day package is $1350.

The Oral Boards Made Easy™ For Police Promotion Method Consists of Six, One-to-One
Confidental Caching Sessions.

Session 1:

Success Tips & Point Earners (setting your personal success plan)
Selling Yourself (delivering an impactful opening statement)
Closing Statements (leaving a powerful last impression)
Special Video Bonus: 4 instructional videos are included with this session, (see details below)

Session 2:

Ethics Answers (integrity-oriented decision-making for all answers)
Leadership Answers (influencing personnel, morale, and motivation)
Delegation Answers (intelligent assignment of tasks and follow-up)
Special Video Bonus: 3 instructional videos are included with this session, (see details below)

Session 3:

Community Policing Answers (articulating philosophy and practice)
Planning & Organizing Answers (your successful outcome approach)
Special Video Bonus: 2 instructional videos are included with this session, (see details below)

Session 4:

Discipline Answers (from philosophy to application)
Performance Counseling Answers (improving deficient performance)
Special Video Bonus: 2 instructional videos are included with this session, (see details below)

Session 5:

Conflict Answers (successfully managing complaints/disagreements)
Situation/Incident Answers (handling routine and critical incidents/situations)
Special Video Bonus: 2 instructional videos are included for this session, (see details below)

Session 6:

One-to-One Mock Oral Board (your readiness feedback session)
Special Video Bonus: 3 practice oral board videos included for this session (see details below)

Included Coaching Support Extras
1. Exclusivity! You will be my only coaching client for your process while your agreement remains active. That’s right, you can lock out your internal-process competitors from Four Star Consulting coaching services for the duration of your agreement. *

2. The Police Promotion Oral Board Coaching downloadable e-Guide with over 40 pages of support material.

3. NEW! Pre-agreement telephone consultation to establish your game plan

4. NEW! “Brief Debrief” shortly after your oral board to help you prepare for your next promotion process.

5. “Time-Out” option to extend your coaching agreement for a limited time if your process is delayed.

6. Weekly Achievement Checkpoint to keep you on track while fighting against procrastination.

7. Access to client-only resources which include additional “client only” videos to prepare you for your
promotion, archived video newsletters containing promotion tips and videos, and over 190 resource
links to assist you in staying current on contemporary police topics

8. Between sessions phone or email access to me to get your questions answered while you are preparing
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